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Mininet-WiFi: Understanding the difference between adhoc and mesh wireless networks

Mininet-WiFi: setting antenna gain and txpower

Mininet-WiFi working with freeradius

Enabling RSSI in Mininet-WiFi

Enabling WDS in Mininet-WiFi

From Theory to Experimental Evaluation: Resource Management in Software-Defined Vehicular Networks

Mininet-WiFi: Using wmediumd in Adhoc/IBSS networks

This video show how to use the wmediumd integration in Mininet-WiFi to prevent wireless interfaces reaching each other directly when out of range. Thanks Patrick for this important integration and for collaborating with us.

Mininet-WiFi: Building 3D Graphs

Mininet-WiFi: Towards Software-Defined VANET

Mininet-WIFi + VND: Handling Signal Range